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关于夏天的英文诗歌:My Lost Summer



My Lost Summer

by Alexz

Summer is a playful season,

Children swim in the cool lake,

Legs up and down look like flying fishes

---but I have lost it.

Summer is a free season,

Wind goes through leaves without flower,

Rainbow links the west and the east heaven

---but I have lost it.

Summer is a dreamy season,

Huge white butterfly appears in Fairland,

Dancers write mystically puzzle for ever

---but I have lost it.

Occasionally I run across the strange echo,

My adventure seems an encore for the other.

High ideal is changed to temporary chance,

The sloping needs pillar to mainstay.

Absolutely what I can do is to hope

A miracle to say good-bye to this site.


the smell of summer:

the wind flows beside my feet

and makes me yearn for the smell of summer

I love your smile seriously

the leaves are falling when autumn comes

nobody can know my sadness

without you I think there is nothing left with me

the wind goes into my clothes

my bag is filled with loneliness

I love your smell so seriously

It makes me troublesome with missing you

I thought that you have known the smell of summer

I never forget the smell

Please give me the most clearest signal

Then I will go away without disturbing you

It is more usefull of holding you

I never forget your goodness

the mat was wet with my tears and I suffered from the

loneliness of night

you are in the castle while I am living in the cachot